Au Pair Visa
Applying for a visa can be very difficult. First of all, you have to find out if you need a visa and if so, which one you need to apply for. This step alone feels sometimes very frustrating for young Au Pairs since the embassy’s websites are not as informative as one would wish for. So, in some countries you would need a student visa, in other you’re required to apply for a residence permit. If you decide to become an Au Pair in Germany you’re lucky: every Au Pair who wants to work in Germany needs the same visa. Additionally, only Au Pairs from outside the EU and EFTA country will need one. If you’re an EU/EFTA citizen you can work as an Au Pair in Germany without any limitations.

How to speed up the process
Important: contact the embassy as soon as possible and make sure to read every piece of information that you can find on the embassy’s website. Sometimes visa applications get rejected just because a potential Au Pair forgot to insert some contact details. Try to make it as easy as possible for the embassy’s staff to process your application. You can also save time by doing so: if you forgot to add an important piece of information the embassy will need more time for their decision.

Officially you cannot speed up the process since the embassy works very autonomously. But what you can do is to make sure that they won’t take longer than needed. Tip: make a list of as soon as possible or use our list as an orientation for the process.

Who can apply for an Au Pair visa to Germany?
Young people from 18 to 26 years old can apply for an Au Pair visa to Germany. To do so, they must first find a Host Family and then make an appointment at the German Embassy. Interestingly, Germany is the only country where Au Pairs are allowed to be married. But please note that doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to bring your husband or wife to your Host Family’s house. However, you cannot be a parent yourself if you want to become an Au Pair in Germany.
Step by step visa guide
1 Passport
Au Pairs need a valid passport that covers the length of their stay. They will also need to present the original and a copy at the embassy. Please make sure to extend your passport as early as possible since this step can take some weeks.

2 Au Pair contract
The Host Family will need to send a signed contract to their Au Pair. Make sure that all the important points such as working hours and pocket money are clear.

3 Appointment and visa application form
Download and fill in the visa application form available at the German embassy or the embassy’s website.

4 German certificate
In most cases, Au Pairs will need to present proof of basic knowledge of the German language. Usually the Goethe A1 Certificate or similar is enough. However, it might be that a consulte is asking for an A2 level. Please make sure to read all information provided by the embassy before starting your search.

5 Motivation letter
Some German embassies require a motivation letter from Au Pairs in which they explain why they want to live the experience in Germany and learn German. We often see that people who explain how their experience in Germany would boost their career at home have better chances to receive a visa. So, if you want to become a German teacher or work in tourism an Au Pair year will help you in finding ajob in your ome country after the stay.

6 Invitation letter
Candidates will generally need an invitation letter from their Host Family in which they explain a bit of the Au Pair duties and express their interest in the cultural exchange. You can find a template of the letter here.